What do our offers for the rental of sports cars/race cars include?

  • Limited liability for damage – the limit for the driver’s liability against damage to the bodywork and/or the powertrain of the car is up to the limit of the security deposit. This limit is the maximum amount which could be charged in case of damage to the bodywork and/or the car’s powertrain and is variable between 800,00 € and 10.500 €

What is not included in the “Esperienze in Pista” driving packages?

  • Possible damage to the engine, the gearbox, the windscreen (if present), side windows, wheels, tires, alloys, chassis, roof. This means that, if these parts were to be damaged by the driver during the test drive, the amount of the repair will be charged.
  • The cost for the racetrack is usually charged on the customer.
  • The rental company of “Esperienze in Pista” could furthermore charge the “asset” expenses (losses due to the non-utilization of the vehicle while it has been under repair, in case it has been damaged on the track).
  • No “kasko” insurance is included against crashes or any damage against the supplier’s or third parties’ vehicles.
  • No vehicle model specified in the “Esperienze in Pista” website is guaranteed. In case of the unavailability of the selected car, a similar or higher category vehicle is proposed instead.

What is the “deposit” and what is it for?

  • The “deposit” is an amount which is required by the supplier of “Esperienze in Pista” and its purpose is to guarantee the contract’s fulfillment and the payment against possible damage.

Is it mandatory to pay the “deposit”?

  • Yes, the “deposit” is paid before the test drive, upon request by the supplier of “Esperienze in Pista” during the check-in, by credit card (Visa/MasterCard) or cash. The amount is variable according to the type of vehicle selected and will not be available for use until the end of the test drive, upon the delivery of the car in the pit lane.

Is it possible to reduce the amount of the “deposit”?

  • Yes, by subscribing in advance a “kasko” insurance and paying an additional amount to the supplier, which is variable between 250 and 550€ according to the selected vehicle.