Any purchase made on are safe and guaranteed by Pay Pal.

Marchi di accettazione PayPal

PayPal enables to make purchases through credit card or prepaid card to all users who haven’t an account yet and have to perform payments through this service.

Everything safely and simply. If you want to know more about it, here is how to pay with PayPal without an account:

• Click on the button to perform the payment, when the PayPal page is opened, click on “Create a PayPal account and pay with your credit or prepaid card” (or “No PayPal account yet?”) on the bottom right corner.

• Fill the required fields of the form, with the data of the credit card which has been selected to perform the payment, your personal information and the email/password combination used to log on to PayPal, then click on “Accept and continue” (or”Continue”) to complete the transaction and create your account.

You can also pay without creating a PayPal account. It is enough not to click on “Save your data on PayPal” at the end of the form.

When the payment has been performed, wait until the system redirects you to the website for the order confirmation.