INTRODUCTION – General information

The company Building of the Idea s.r.o. is the owner of this website, displaying the services provided by selected suppliers. These Terms and Conditions apply to each Voucher that the customer purchases from Building of the Idea s.r.o. (hereinafter also “BTI”) – a company with registered office in the Czech Republic at Máchova 838/8, Prague 2, VAT ID No. CZ 041 36 195, registered in the commercial register held at the Municipal Court of Prague.

These Terms and Conditions were last updated on 10.01.2016. reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions unilaterally and at any time. Any changes to these Terms of Sale will be published online, the updates must be checked by the buyer in the specific “terms and conditions” section upon the purchase of any voucher. The customer will be bound only to the version of the Terms and Conditions that has been accepted when purchasing a Voucher.



If you choose the single event/test drive on the website with the “VOUCHER PURCHASE” button, you’re sending a voucher purchase proposal to “Building of the Idea BTI”. In any case, the purchase of the Voucher will not be finalized without a confirmation e-mail from BTI that confirms acceptance of your proposal. BTI expressly reserves the right to refuse your proposal and terminate, even if BTI has accepted your proposal, the contract at any time, if there are suspicions based on possible fraudulent actions against BTI, or a third party affiliate of BTI or of the Supplier. The Supplier applies its terms and conditions to the sale, supply and / or provision of the Supplier’s Offer. The content of a description of an event/test drive published on the site may be subject to change. The images relating to the experiences published on the site are to be considered indicative and not binding in any way, and may differ from reality, therefore they do not represent a contractual element. does not guarantee the accuracy of the data on the website. The data concerning the duration of the single event/test drive will serve as the only reference.

The term Voucher identifies an instrument, in electronic form, which allows the owner of this Voucher (the “Voucher Owner”) to receive the Offer of the contracted Supplier during the period of time established on the Voucher itself. The term “Offer from the Supplier” identifies the experience/experiences to be provided by the Supplier to the Voucher Owner, as specified on the website and on the Voucher itself. The term “Supplier” designates the third party, which has no connection to and which supplies and / or delivers the Supplier’s Offer. does not sell, supply and / or provide the Supplier’s Offer, since its activity is limited to selling and providing the availability of the Voucher.

The term Customer / Buyer identifies those who purchase, through the websites, and becomes the “Voucher Owner”, therefore the actual user of the event/test drive booked on the website. Unless expressly stated otherwise, in order to confirm the reservation and therefore perform the event/drive, the Customer must contact Esperienze in Pista – within 10 months from the date of purchase of the Voucher – which in turn will put him in contact with the supplier of the event/test drive by confirming the reservation. The Customer must take into account the possibility of expectations / delays and the time required to organize the selected activity. The Customer can withdraw from the purchase contract pursuant to art. 52 and foll. of D.Lgs. 206/2005 (Consumer Code), without having to justify the reasons or pay any penalties, within 14 days from the day of receipt of the confirmation email.

The Customer / Voucher Owner, can replace the experience selected on the voucher with another by contacting via the mail address, specifying the items which have to be replaced. Only one substitution of the chosen experience will be possible. The terms and conditions of the supplier automatically come into force once the activity has been booked and agreed with the supplier on a specific date. Users under the age of eighteen (18) years can only use the Experiences in Track which agree such a circumstance and only with the supervision of a parent or legal guardian. Children should read these Terms with a parent or legal guardian to understand all their rights and responsibilities.



The prices of the events/test drives mentioned on our website are subject to continuous verification and review on a weekly basis, are continuously updated and are free from errors/omissions. In the event that a voucher is issued at an incorrect price, we will contact the buyer by email within 7 (seven) days of the purchase, leaving the customer the right to obtain a full refund (with subsequent cancellation of the voucher) or integration of the price difference unduly paid at the moment of purchase.

In the case of promotional discount codes, Esperienze in Pista reserves the right to examine and accept only selected discount codes for determined events.



The Esperienze in Pista vouchers, once the verification of the purchase by our company has been sent, are valid for 10 months starting from the date of issue (with the exception of those that specifically indicate different validity periods), and each recipient is free to book the preferred date, compatibly with the availability of the supplier. The dates of the vouchers can be changed, are subject to availability and in some cases, to the weather conditions of the day scheduled for the activity. To avoid unpleasant inconveniences, we suggest to book the experience with large advance and to book any trips or accommodations only upon confirmation by the supplier. The validity period for vouchers purchased with special offers (such as “Gift Ideas”) cannot be extended, and the voucher itself is not refundable.



Once the event/test drive has been selected, Esperienze in Pista will send all the information required to confirm the reservation directly with the supplier. Some events, as clearly specified in the description, are not refundable, modifiable or extendable. All events are subject to the availability of the supplier and some specific dates may not be available. We suggest you to book your test drive within six months of purchase, in order to have a wider choice of the date and time to perform your activity, and avoid losing the possibility of using the voucher (Esperienze in Pista is not liable in case of the lack of availability because the maximum number of participants to a certain event has been reached). is not responsible for incorrect bookings between the voucher owner and the supplier. cannot be charged any further costs for problems concerning booking confirmations with the supplier of the event itself. Also, once the event has been booked and the customer has received confirmation from Esperienze in Pista, in case of the absence of the Voucher Owner to redeem the Voucher or for any other reason not related to the supplier and to Esperienze in Pista, the Voucher is declared redeemed and no longer refundable.

Before any track driving event, it is necessary to contact our offices by e-mail to specify if you are in possession of suitable racing driver clothing, such as overalls and full-face helmet. In case of not possessing such items, the user must also notify the supplier at least 2 days before the test on the track and declare his weight, height and the shoe size at the booking confirmation.



Any information concerning the duration of the activity which is available on our website is intended only as a guideline. Most of the events are not exclusive to the voucher owner and can be enjoyed by more than one person on the same day. The duration will then be variable, it could be requested to wait for the turn established by the supplier. does not directly control all activities and is not responsible for any delays, interruptions and/or cancellations.



All the driving events that are offered on the website may involve risks for the user of the voucher, so by purchasing the voucher you are accepting the conditions and risks inherent in any type of extreme sport. During the activity it is forbidden for the user to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and must be in possession of the full personal and mental faculties. The user must not be under the treatment of medical care that could put the user’s and others’ safety at risk. The suppliers of the experiences always provide all the precautions to make the activities safe, but the user will be requested to follow carefully and thoroughly any indications/instructions. Before starting the test drive, it will be also necessary to sign an additional form for the supplier, regarding the conditions of compensation and insurance. We also inform you that personal insurance policies may not cover the events/activities performed with the voucher. advises you to check any exclusions in advance.




Many of the vouchers with the events/activities offered may have some restrictions. These restrictions may relate to age, health, height or physical condition. These limitations are determined by the supplier, not by Esperienze in Pista. Please read all the information provided for each event.


RIGHT OF CANCELLATION AND REDEMPTION OF THE VOUCHER [unless expressly established otherwise]

– the voucher may only be redeemed once;

– the voucher may be redeemed only in relation with the Supplier and not Esperienze in Pista;

– the voucher is valid for one person only;

– you must follow the instructions for the redemption associated with the Voucher when you redeem the Voucher itself with the Supplier.

– any attempt to redeem a VOUCHER not abiding to these Terms and Conditions of Sale may invalidate this Voucher at the discretion of the supplier.

– the reproduction of a voucher is strictly forbidden

– it is forbidden the commercial exchange of a voucher and the purchase and resale of the voucher itself, unless expressly authorized by the supplier.

All the vouchers sold by can be redeemed only with the Supplier. Once the experience of the voucher has been redeemed, the cancellation procedure by the customer and the related refund are regulated by the terms and conditions of the supplier. For this reason, at the time of booking, it is advisable to inquire in detail the supplier about his withdrawal policy. All refunds are made to the person who purchased the voucher, the amount due will be refunded through the payment method which has been chosen at the time of purchase. ensures to activate the reimbursement procedures as soon as possible, but it should be noted that the procedure could take up to a maximum of 20 working days from the moment of the request.



Once that it has been redeemed, the voucher is declared used; when the date of reservation for the event has been booked with the supplier, a cancellation is subject to the terms and conditions provided by the supplier. Once the date has been confirmed by the supplier, it is not possible to change this date unless the supplier also agrees with that change.

If the date cannot be changed by the supplier, the activity cannot be reimbursed in any way. Should an unlikely event occur and the supplier cancels the experience after the date of use has been booked, you will be contacted directly by the supplier to establish the reimbursement terms. is not responsible in case of failure, delay or partial performance of the activities booked with the Supplier, even for reasons beyond its control. It is always advisable to contact the supplier immediately before the booking to receive confirmations concerning the activities booked.

In case of cancellation, is not liable for any insurance premiums, travel expenses, accommodation reservations or other charges incurred by the customer.


COMPLAINTS will always exercise all due care and diligence in fulfilling its obligations arising from these Terms and Conditions, and specifies that the events offered on the website are of outstanding quality. does not contravene the requirements of correctness or professional diligence in carrying out its activity. To receive assistance and solve a problem of any kind, it will be necessary to contact directly the supplier of the single event/activity. Only if you should not be able to solve a problem, the voucher owner can send a formal communication by e-mail with an indication of what happened. Remember to always mention the reference number of the voucher, the name of the person with whom you had contact and the indication of the day booked for the event.



Please note that the responsibility for the activities lies with the supplier and not When using a gift voucher, the supplier commits in a direct agreement with the user, whose relationship will be governed by his own terms and conditions, including possible restrictions applied by the supplier itself. Although has selected the most valid suppliers for each type of activity, is not responsible for the safety standards or the quality of the experience, or for any losses or damages caused during the participation of the user to the event/activity experience, in which the the supplier himself is solely responsible.


When you purchase or redeem a voucher from, you agree that the guaranteed experience is subject to certain factors that are beyond the direct control of, and accepts that neither or any supplier are responsible for postponing or modifying any experience for events that are reasonably independent of their will, such as – but not limited to: meteorological reasons, mechanical failures and/or other events. does not assume any technical responsibility nor does it provide personal assistance regarding problems relating to plant and machinery used for the use of the experience. is responsible in relation to the guarantees set out in the voucher, and in any case with the limit of the price which has been paid for the purchase of the voucher. is committed to ensuring that the descriptions and images used on are the most accurate and up-to-date possible, however they are to be considered a guideline and not binding in any legal way between the voucher owner/purchaser and Esperienze in Pista.


Most suppliers allow guests of the voucher owner to attend and to attend the event. Please inform the supplier at the time of booking about the number of any guests you wish to attend via email. Visitors must comply with the terms and conditions of the supplier, as well as the normal rules of conduct. The supplier is authorized to forbid the entrance to guests which are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Some suppliers may request an economic fee for the voucher owner’s guests.



Esperienze in Pista vouchers, at the time of purchase, can be used for all the events available on the website. Vouchers can be changed for free before the experience is booked.

If the event with which the voucher has been replaced has a higher, the difference must be paid. In the event of a lower price, another voucher will be issued with the value of the difference. The difference is calculated based on the amount which has actually been paid and not on the value of the product.



The purchaser of the Voucher undertakes not to provide false information, including names, addresses and / or contacts or false payment details, nor to commit any illegal activity in relation to the purchase or use of a voucher, nor to allow third parties to do so. All vouchers purchased will be delivered with the method chosen at the time of purchase. The voucher will not be valid if it has been tampered with or damaged beyond repair. is not liable for lost or stolen vouchers. Please save the voucher in a safe and secure environment.

Discount codes, where present, are subject to availability and can be eliminated without notice. reserves the right to cancel the use of discount codes without any warning for some specific products from those available on the website. It is possible to apply only one discount code for each order. Discount codes can only be used via online orders placed on our website.


PRIVACY POLICY REGULATIONS respects the relevant legislation according to the information on the processing of personal data pursuant to art. 13 D.Lgs. 30 June 2003 n. 196 (“Privacy Code”).



Building of the Idea s.r.o. allows third party vendors to sell products on In the pages of each product it is expressly indicated if the product is sold by third parties. As a provider of e-commerce platform, Building of the Idea facilitates transactions on the website, but is not part of the contract for products sold by these third-party sellers. Building of the Idea s.r.o. therefore remains external to the transaction, which occurs exclusively between the buyer and the seller. Building of the Idea s.r.o. is not liable for the contract itself and its proper execution. The seller remains  the only person responsible for the sale of the products and for the management of disputes with the buyer. Building of the Idea s.r.o. cannot in any way be held responsible for the actions, products and contents of all third parties.